October 13, 2012

At the Movies: Frankenweenie

Victor is a quiet kid who much rather spend time inside making movies or playing with his dog Sparky, than being outside with the other kids. He doesn't have many friends but he at least has Sparky. 

When a series of events lead to Sparky's accidental death, Victor is unconsolable, until his new science teacher unknowingly says something that makes Victor think there might be a way to bring Sparky back. 

But what'll happen when the whole town finds out?

Frankenweenie is basically Frankenstein but with a kid and a dog. And I really wanted to like it but sadly this movie and I didn't click. 

There is the esthetics of it, and it's not pretty, it reminds me of the low-budget scary shorts I used to watch when I was little in my country's version of PBS, only a lot more pretentious. 

The story is slow paced with nothing much happening until the very end. The movie wasn't funny or even really scary, it was creepy but not cool. And it's not a movie for kids. I heard at least two children in the theater asking if they could leave already, because it's not the type of movie that capture's kids attention. 

The only part I somewhat liked was Sparky. 

So the movie gets a C- from me. 

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