October 2, 2012

Book Review: Finally Home by Helen Scott Taylor

At First Sight: Jack Summers is days away from his wedding day when he realizes he doesn't really want to marry his controlling girlfriend Stephanie. In a last ditch effort to get Stephanie to take their break up seriously, Jack tells her that he is in love with Melanie Marshall - the manager of the hotel Jack owns. 

Upon returning from their would be wedding, Stephanie makes it her job to spread the news that Melanie is with Jack. Melanie doesn't take to this kindly, as she works very hard to remain anonymous  

Years before, her now dead husband was involved in quite a scandal and Melanie got blamed right along with him. In the past, this has brought Melanie and her son a lot of troubles, and she works hard to keep everyone an arms length.

But when the fall out of Jack's lie reaches her, and her son spends some time with Jack, Melanie starts to realize that maybe she isolated herself and her kid a bit too much. But will she ever be able to trust anyone again after what happened with her husband?

Second Glance: Finally Home started pretty well for me. I mean, sure, Jack was a little childish in saying what he did but as I got to know him, he came off as a nice guy. Bad things had happened to him in the past but he's not bitter about them and he has a nice, loving family that supports him. 

Melanie starts well enough too. I mean, she's a really good mother and I kind of liked her because of that but the more time passed the less I liked her unti, by the end, I wanted to punch her in the face... repeatedly. She has this huge chip on her shoulder and hugs it to herself until that's all she is, and she takes it out on people who just want to help her. 

Bottom Line: Finally Home started with a lot of promise, but then Melanie kind of soured the whole thing all on her own. The book is pretty decent until about halfway in, but then it's like the same thing keeps happening over and over - Jack and Melanie get close, then she pushes him away - and it grew tiresome. 
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