June 1, 2012

Movie Madness / Books So Far - May

Hello guys! I'm here to give a brief round up of the two only challenges I chose to accept this year. The first being: 

Movies/Series Watched: 10 - a slow month due to my Dad's stay at the hospital 

Favorites: The Avengers, In Pursuit of Honor and Downton Abbey (but only 'cause I wanna be Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess of Grantham when I'm in my dotage!).

Least Liked: My Week with Marilyn - it just went on for too long. Thought there were some fun lines. 

If you're doing the Movie Madness Challenge you can head off to The Talking Teacup to link up your update. 

On the book department and my quest to read 200 books in a year? 

Books Read: 20 

Re reads: 3 

Young Adult: 8

Romance: 12 

Contemporary: 6 

Historical: 6 

Well, that's me! How's everyone doing so far?

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