June 21, 2012

Speed Date: The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

The Cover and Tag-line are spot on!
The Deal: Hugo Marshall is used to dealing with the Duke of Claremont's many indiscretions, so much so that the duke simply expects him to make all his problems go away. The duke's - and Hugo's  - latest problem is Serena Barton. 

She's the woman standing outside the Duke's London home, demanding recognition and justice - for what? Hugo isn't sure, the Duke claims it's a laboral dispute, but Hugo knows better than to take the man's words at face value. 

So, he's charged with dealing with Serena, with making her go away and, though Hugo balks at the idea of hurting a woman, his fate is too entangled with the Duke's to let this escalate. 

The only problem is that he likes Serena, and the more time he spends trying to drive her away, the least he wants her to go. 

My Thoughts: I had never read Courtney Milan's books before, I don't know why, but when I heard The Governess Affair was a 100 page novella that introduced her next series I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sample her writing. 

And now I finally understand why so many people think she's awesome! In this short story, Courtney Milan packs a punch. I was so drawn into Hugo and Serena, in a few scenes I knew who they were and what mattered to them and I knew they belonged together. 

The writing is fun and witty - though I wouldn't cal it fluffy, it made me laugh a few times, particularly when Hugo and Serena write notes/letters to each other. 

I really loved the Governess Affair, and I'm really looking forward to the next few books in the series, starting with The Duchess War.

Favorite Quote
"No, Mr. Marshall. I will not be browbeaten, however nicely you do it. I am done with things happening to me. From her on out, I'm going to happen to things"
"Brave words," He said softly, "That's what it means to be ruthless. After all, I happen to other people on a regular basis."

"There was no convincing one another, no understanding one another. But when Serena had most needed it, her sister had given her a place to stay. For all that Freddy made her stomach hurt, they still shared an affection made bittersweet for all that divided them. Perhaps God gave one sisters to teach one to love the inexplicable."
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