June 26, 2012

Book Review: Medusa the Mean by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

At First Sight: As one of the few mortals allowed to attend Mount Olympus Academy, it could be said that Medusa Gorgon doesn't have it easy. And, even though she pretends not to care, she isn't above feeling both jealousy and longing for the perks that come with being immortal. 

And with Principal Zeus and Hera's wedding fast approaching, Medusa feels this longing more than ever, and she's just about to realize what lengths she's willing to go for immortality and popularity. 

To top it all off, 7 boys from MOA are elected to be groomsmen at the wedding, and they get to select whom the bridesmaids will be. Some have obvious choices - like everyone knows Hades will take Persephone - but some don't, and among them is Medusa's Super Crush since she was 8: Poseidon. 

Medusa will do whatever it takes to win that spot, even if is Dionysius - the boy she once danced with - who is the only one going out of his way to talk to her.  

Second GlanceMedusa has always been regarded as a bully at MOA, and her snake hair doesn't really help her rep. But what's really going on behind the snake-y hair and often sour disposition?

A lot of loneliness, shyness and just plain lack of social graces. 

In Medusa The Mean, we finally get to know Medusa and I have to say that I really quite liked her. She's actually a very guarded person, and she has reasons to be, but she also has a softer side to her - which often just comes out with her snakes, all of whom haver personalities. 

I really give kudos to the authors because while Medusa remains herself and certainly doesn't get a personality change, after reading this book I got to understand her and her actions a lot better. 

Bottom LineMedusa the Mean was a great addition to the Goddess Girls series, and I love how the series is expanding to touch on different characters, aside from the original four. And I agree with Carrie @ In the Hammock that this is one of the best entries to the series, I think it's tied in second as my over-all favorite. 
starstarstarstar2/3Personal Favorite

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