May 11, 2011

List Maniac 21 - Favorite Secondary Characters by Sarah Dessen


In the spirit of The Sarah Dessen Week (hosted by Heidi @YA Bibliophile and  Jacinda and Jasmine @ The Reading Housewives of Indiana) I decided to make a list of my favorite secondary characters of the books by Sarah Dessen so far.

TruthKristy Palmetto (The Truth About Forever) - I've always loved Kristy, every time I re-read The Truth About forever, I get charmed by her again. She's fearless in her fashion, confident and just a very nice girl and a good friend. I admire her spirit and would love to call her a friend.

Bert Baker (The Truth About Forever) - Oh, Bert, he makes me smile. He's so fatalistic and awkward, yet that's part of his charm. From the book we know he's a trooper, and that he loved his Mom very much. It would have been hard to grow up next to the near perfection that is Wes, but Bert deals with it surprisingly well, and I think that says a lot about him.

KeepingMira Sparks (Keeping The Moon) - I adore Mira, she's so unique and quirky, and I love the cards she makes - I'm a compulsive card sender, so maybe it has something to do with that. It takes courage to be someone like her, but she has it in spades.

Lock and KeyMaggie (Along for the Ride) - She's one of the few things I truly loved about the book (it's not my favorite Dessen). I love that she's girly and smart and loves bikes. There is true strength in all her sweetness and vulnerability, just not the kind that shouts loud. 

Jamie (Lock and Key) - I like a positive yet practical person and I see that in Jamie, sure, he's a bit flamboyant and goes over the top, but in positive ways. He respects traditions, loves his wife and is willing to give everyone a chance, yet he doesn't let himself get screwed over, which I have to admire.

That's me, what says you?

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