May 17, 2011

Book Review: The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Leavitt

Royal Treatment
WARNING: This review might contain spoilers about Princess for Hire.

At First Sight: It has been a few weeks since Desi Bascomb became a sub - a substitute princess, as in the person who steps in whenever a royal needs a time out -and she's eagerly awaiting her first assignment as a Level Two sub. Meanwhile, she's trying to improve her princessy skills, like learning to play a musical instrument (which she kind of sucks at) or learning to speak in public. 

She's also trying out for the school play - since acting is an useful skill after all, and because she just likes it - and it's through the play that she becomes reacquired with Reed, the new boy in town who also kind of saved her life last summer. Reed also happens to be the guy Desi's best friend is crushing on. However, sometimes when she's with Reed, Desi doesn't think much about Prince Karl, her own forbidden crush. 

When Meredith - Desi's agent - finally shows up, and looking surprisingly relaxed too!, Desi is ready for the job as she learns that there is a shake up in the works at The Agency, and she begins to suspect that not everything might be as she's been told it is; however, though her sub commitments Desi starts to learn more and more about her Magic Potential, and about her own heart.

Second Glance: *sigh* Oh, this was so hard to write without giving away too much of the plot!  

Anyway, The Royal Treatment is such a good, sweet story. It's so fun to see how Desi finds more and more about herself through trying to be other people - both while acting and while subbing. And I don't want to say too much, but I really felt like things were kicked up a notch in this book, and I loved seeing how Desi rose to the occasion.
I like how some of the Agency's secrets are being revealed, and there is a wonderful twist that it's hinted at if you pay attention, but that it's awesome anyway! Oh, and The Royal Treatment tackles one of the things I really wanted to see, so I'm so happy about that.
Bottom Line:Smalls (of Small Review, check her review here) told me that if I liked Princess for Hire, I was going to love The Royal Treatment, and she was so absolutely right. This is a sweet, fun book about a sweet, lovely girl. It's full of magic and fun and crazy.

Favorite Quote: "Maybe Barrett should see you like this. He can console you far better than I can. Unless he's the reason why you're upset, in which case I'll take care of him." 


"A Duel. We are royal," Karl cracked a rare smile. "It's allowed."


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