May 5, 2011

2011 Movie Madness Challenge - Round up 2

Movie Madness
Hello everyone!!

So,  Kylie (of the Talking Tea Cup) are trying to do more regular roundups for the 2011 Movie Madness Challenge- this month, the list is up at her site, but this is mine.
And now, unto the Roundup!
You can see my complete list by clicking on the tab marked 2011 Movies/TV
Movies watched so far: 78
Movies in April: 24

Favorite Movie(s) so far*: Easy A, Morning Glory, The King's Speech, HOP,

Worse Movie(s) so far: Valentine's Day and Center Stage 2, A Good Year

Really want to see in the upcoming months: Something Borrowed, Jane Eyre, Chalet Girl (if it ever makes it to my country!), and Harry Potter of course!

What about you?
Add your link with your Round Up post (it can be done on Facebook, your blog, live journal, etc) to the Mr. Linky or just leave it in the comments.

Hope you're having fun, and remember is never too late to join.

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