May 22, 2011

At the Movies: Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl
Two years ago, Kim was a champion skateboarder with a brilliant career ahead of her, but it all ground to a halt when her Mom was killed in a car crash after one of her competitions, and she hasn't been able to skate ever since. Instead, she spends her days at a dead-end job at a fast food joint trying to keep herself and her dad above water. 

When she gets offered a well paid job in Austria, the money is too good to pass so she packs her bags and leaves to work as a chalet girl - the person who takes care of the house and attends to the chalet's owners whenever they visit - even though she's worried about leaving her dad. 

There, responsible Kim gets to loosen up a little thanks to her new friend and fellow employee Georgie and other assorted friends. And she also discovers snowboarding, channeling her former skateboarding passion and skill into a new medium, and she even decides to enter a big snowboarding competition with a hefty sum for prize. 

She also meets Jonny, the chalet owner's son, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend regardless of his cold feet and the fact that the most he gets to know Kim, the more doubts he has. 

I waited for months to see this movie and I'm so glad I did! Chalet Girl is a sweet romantic comedy that pretends nothing more than making you have a good time. I had never seen Ed Westwick on anything other than Gossip Girl and I was surprised at how likable he was as Jonny, he's a pretty good actor. And I've loved Felicity Jones since her days in The Worst Witch, and I adore her in Northanger Abbey

This is a quiet, funny movie in the style of a good, old fashioned rom com and I really liked it, so I give it a B+


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