July 6, 2014

What's Making Me Happy...

Hello my peeps!

So I totally flaked on you with this section mostly because I first was super busy with all the stuff I need to grade (I lost count at 600 sheets of paper I looked at), and then I got pretty sick over the last couple of weeks - first tonsil infection and then something weird in my stomach and I ended up in the hospital twice. Fun times. 

But anyway, there are plenty of things keeping me happy and I've been keeping a running list:

1. Hearing my dad and uncle talk about football (soccer for US people), see my dad is one of those life-long fans who has seen pretty much everyone play through out history; and hearing him talk with my uncle is always so much fun. They know their football.

2. Even though, you know, I've been over the world cup since the moment it started. I have to admit that most of the matches have been pretty good, I remember last cup was BORING. This one has been pretty Okay.

3. This picture:

4. The Escapist Movies and TV Podcast - as I've said before, I'm a big fan of MovieBob from The Escapist, and now he's participating on a weekly podcast about all things movies and tv, he's just one of the unofficially permanent hosts, and it's pretty fun. 

5. This article from NPR -Monkeysee "Book girls will Inherit the Earth"

6. This video explaining exactly what FIFA is and how it works.

7. I finished grading on time!! now I just need to write up the personalized reports (oh, goody! Not)

8. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama - I started watching this anime last couple of weeks, and it's lots of fun. About a girl who has this super serious persona at school - which recently went co-ed - and keeps all the boys under control as the Student Body President (nicknamed The Prez); but after school she works at a Maid Latte - a maid themed cafe - to help support her family, and then the most popular boy from school finds out. Of course! Lots of fun.

9. Got new earrings from Pandora! I have been saving to buy them for a while and I LOVE THEM.

10.  And, lastly, the magic of antibiotics when you use them correctly!!! :D 

Bonus: My hair is about a month away from growing out of the really bad haircut, and currently it's at a decent-ish stage. 

So thats what has been making me happy these last few weeks! 

What about you?

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