July 11, 2014

Book Review: The Moment We Began by Sarra Cannon

The Deal: Penelope Wright has been in love with the twin brother's best friend Mason since she can remember, and in the last year they started sleeping together and don't seem able to stop, but their 'relationship' such as it is has been kept a secret at Mason's request. 

In fact, he likes to parade around with a new girl practically every week and just sleeps with Pen on the side, which is causing Penny to spin out of control with her binge drinking and partying. So much so that she ends up stealing Mason's car and crashing it... and finding out she's pregnant at the hospital.

But, before he can tell him that, Mason announces he's skipping town, and that he doesn't really plan to return any time soon, but Penny isn't about to lose him so she goes with him, determined to risk everything - mostly her rich parents' displeasure - to be with Mason for real, once and for all. 

My Thoughts: Boy, where do I start? Well, I'll tell you that I wanted to like this book - because the back copy of it painted a slightly different picture - but it just never really happened. 

It started badly with Penelope being such a drunken party girl and practically lying down so Mason would stomp all over her. I was all: 'girl, where is your self-respect?!'. Then there is Mason, the man-whore himself who really does have sex with practically everything that moves and strings Pen along (he won't 'formally date her' for her own good, or so he says).

Even when they are supposedly giving each other a real chance, he flirts away with other girls and doesn't get why it would upset Penny and I never really got what was so swoony about him. And other than being a doormat, Penny was actually quite nice if very naive. 

And I just didn't believe their relationship would work, thrown in some other bad decisions, and comically evil parents (who just want to 'protect' their precious daughter, and by protect I mean control every aspect of her life) and you get The Moment We Began. 

I do have to say that there were two characters I did like: Penny's twin brother Preston and her best friend Leigh Anne. 

So yeah, not super-recommending this one but if you're more into NA than I am, maybe you'll like it. 

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