June 14, 2014

Why does NA even exist? But I ask again, why? - A Book Rant

Hello my lovelies!!

So, I finally put together all my thoughts on why I don't believe in New Adult as a thing that should be happening... and I did it on vlog format!!

So, yeah, I did this all in one take, sorry if I rant a little too long. And if I say "A lot of these books..." quite a few times. And please let me know what you think down in comments.

Also, yeah... that's the pretty bad haircut I'm rocking right now... can't wait for my hair to grow out of it :P

And, as always, this is just my opinion on a book classification I don't like, it says nothing of the authors or readers who do like to write it or read it.

Okay, so here we go:

Feel free to leave comments!

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