June 9, 2014

What's Making Me Happy...

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to post last week, it was nuts as it usually is at work during exam days. *sigh*

But, this week I do have stuff that made me happy:

1. Made brownies from scratch and they were actually pretty good!! Chocolate-y as hell but good!! Also made cookies and they turned out all right!

2. Almost done with evaluations and relatively few of my kids got low grades or flunked their first evaluation. This makes me happy as it means less time arguing with them over homework they never did. One down, 2 more to go.

3. Got a moment of pride when my kids - most of which I had last term - did these awesome cards detailing the characteristics of each ecosystem we studied last term. I love when my kids surprise me with top quality work.

4. New projects: So, I started a blog with my friend Sofia so we can review books in Spanish! I'm thinking we are going to do mostly video blogs but who knows! :) I'm just excited.

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