April 6, 2014

Book Review: Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry

The Deal: Vivian Walker and Seth Anderson met for the first time the night before their siblings got married. From the first time they saw each other, they felt an instant attraction, and eventually had a one-night stand they never told anyone about (mostly because both their siblings warned them off each other and wouldn't be happy at the idea of the two of them hooking up).

Ten years later, Vivian returns to Australia - after working as a fashion designer/stylist for the last few years in the US - and starts running into Seth again. Seth, on the other hand, is going through a bit of a rough patch: he has settled down somewhat after leaving his band and opening a bar; but he wasn't prepared for the shock he got when an on again-off again girlfriend of his got pregnant. 

Yet, he's facing his impending parenthood head on, and is actually kind of excited about it - even if his girlfriend, Lola, is a bit of a flake. Meeting Vivian again - and feeling the intense chemistry between them - is not exactly a welcome thing, but both are bound by their familial ties, so avoiding each other isn't an option.

My Thoughts: Well... I'm sorry to say Her Kind of Trouble wasn't a winner for me. The writing is lovely as usual and the story rather entertaining. but the estructure of the book just didn't work for me. 

We start at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding between Vivian's Sister and Seth's brother and everyone is warning Seth and Vivian off each other, and then they go and do the exact thing they were asked not to do (have sex with each other). Oddly enough, knowing right off the bat what had happened between them took off some of the charm of the book for me - I wasn't intrigued to find out what had happened between them because I already knew, if that makes sense; there was very little intrigue in that regard. 

And then there were the characters, I thought Vivian and most of the other characters were pretty okay, but I never really warmed toward Seth, he's very hard on Vivian when they meet again, and I didn't like that about him - in a way it's like he thinks less of her because she slept with him all those years ago. 

Especially considering the situation Seth is in. 

Like I said, the book is not bad per se, but it's not my favorite Mayberry by far, this one is just okay; and I have to say I didn't quite buy the romance - other than their few sexual encounters, I didn't buy Seth and Vivian together. 

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