December 24, 2013

ListManiac: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2013

Yes, I forgot I had a graphic for these things. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Also, as promised, here I bring you another list about my favorite movies of the year!!

I saw the first Thor movie and I thought it was okay, I hadn't bothered myself much with the Marvel universe before The Avengers to be honest, but post Avengers you get I went to see Thor. And I loved it, it was fast paced, fun and it had Loki - Enough said!

I was never a fan of Monsters Inc - until Planes, I thought it was the worse movie Pixar had ever put out, but I really likes MU, it was basically a college comedy without the lewdness and all that stuff I don't like about college humor. I loved seeing Mike and Sully as teenagers. And you have to admit that that kindergarden-aged Mike W was one of the cutest things ever. 

I wasn't interested in Elysium when I first saw the trailers, not at all, but when I heard it was by the same director as District 9 I knew I had to see it. It was smart, action packed movie with a message to deliver and a story to tell. Definitely recommend this one. I think it said more about immigration reform than any politician this year, and it did it better. 

And yes, I mean the original version with the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell. I usually prefer the dubbed to Spanish versions (because our voice actors are wicked funny) but this time there was nothing that could match the original songs or the powerful vocal performance by everyone in the cast. Loved the songs, loved Olaf, loved Sven and I have a bit of a crush on Kristoff. Best part though? that this was a princess fairy tale that I can totally get behind, about the different strengths that two sisters have, and the love they have for each other. 

I totally raved about this movie and I pimped out whenever I could. I just loved it that much. It was funny and fast paced and basically just robots punching monsters in the face. And it was Awesome. I don't generally like Del Toro's movies, but Pacific Rim is one that I'm going to keep watching for a long, long time. 

So, that's my top 5, what about yours?

Next up: Favorite books of 2013.

Added later: I totally forgot to mention 3 movies that I really liked but I didn't see in theaters.
First, the best documentary I saw this year, Blackfish - which uses the tale of Tilikum, one of the orcas being kept by SeaWord, to make an industry-wide commentary on why keeping orcas and other sea mammals as amusement park attractions is not good, yet is not preachy, just states the facts as it knows them.

And Second, What Maisie Knew - this has to be my favorite remake/adaptation of a book I saw this year. Maisie is a five year old caught in the middle of her parents' divorce - who use her as a bargaining  chip though they love her in their own selfish ways - and finds refuge and love in their respective new spouses.

Lastly, the best made for TV movie I saw this year goes to: How to Fall in Love. It actually came out last year, but I didn't see it until this one when I was binge watching tv movies. It's the story of a former nerd called Harold who ends up hiring the Annie, the girl he had a crush on in high school, as a dating coach. So fun, so sweet, probably the best romantic comedy I saw all year.

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