December 21, 2013

List Maniac: Favorite Obsessions of 2013

So, it's that time of the year when we all make our lists and I plan to make a series of them about the stuff I have loved - and hated - during this grueling year (well, it was grueling for me :P I hope it was good for everyone else, I really do).

So, without futher ado, here are my 
Top 5 Favorite Obsessions of 2013

# 5 - Kitchen Scramble.
Facebook and I have a very complicated relationship, sometimes I can get enough of it, sometimes I forget about it for weeks at a time. This year though? a little game called Kitchen Scramble showed up in the later part of the year and I became obsessed... like I play it all the time, and generally love it.

Plus, they put new levels every month.

After last year's vlog of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I was super excited to see what they would tackle next. The answer? Emma. Now, I have a love-hate relationship with Emma. I love her, I love where she ends up, but sometimes the trip there can make me REALLY dislike her. So far, Bernie Su & Co have managed to capture what I love and what I don't like of Emma pretty perfectly, while updating her character a lot.

Plus, I love Mr. Knightley.

#3 - Cracked's After Hours.
Sometimes when life, and work, threaten to bring me down, I just spend hours upon hours on YouTube watching videos (mostly movie trailers. I find them soothing) and one day I stumbled into Cracked After Hours. The After Hours videos feature four friends talking movies at a dinner and exploring the weird and twisted messages in movies and games. I love it. They always make me laugh and they put up a new episode every month.

#2 - The DBSA Podcast
So, for the last couple of years Jane @ Dear Author and Sarah @SmartBitches have been putting out this podcast where they talk romance novels and books in general and are basically just a riot. I've been a long time fan but this year I was really obsessed with it. Mostly because I had to ride the subway often (which I SO DON'T LIKE), and to get myself pumped up to do it, I would reward myself with listening to the podcast afterward.

MovieBob has these two video columns at The Escapist and I binge watch them like crazy whenever I'm feeling down, I think I've gone through the entire playlist twice (there are over 200 videos). 
On Escape to the Movies he reviews recent releases and in the Big Picture he talks more about pop and nerd culture in general - I really love when he talks about obscure cartoons because it turns out I've seen most of them and I just laugh, and I generally agree with his reviews, which almost never happens to me.  (I'm putting an example of one of my favorite vids bellow). 

Anyway, those are my obsessions of 2013. How about you guys?

Up next? Favorite Movies of 2013!

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