November 27, 2013

Book Review: Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey

I've seen 3 different books
with this cover... so far!
The Deal: Ever since she started to work for Adrian Blackstone as his assistant, Rachel Carter has had a crush on her boss. But she's also very aware that her job with his company - which specializes in renovating and preserving old buildings - is one in a million. So she has never acted on her feelings, and she doesn't even suspect that Adrian might feel the same way. 

But her does, Adrian likes Rachel, and he knows she's his work "soulmate" as they have similar  sensibilities and work ethic and both of them enjoy the work and the challenge  that those beautiful, old buildings represent. And both of them are prepared to keep things professional. 

Until they get stranded at a luxurious hotel - where they were hoping to make a pitch for their next big project - and decide to have a fling. 

Which gets complicated when they try to keep it professional at the office once they get back. 

My Thoughts: Snowbound with the CEO was a really fun novella. I thought it did a great job in establishing whom Adrian and Rachel were, and since they already knew each other and worked together, I could easily buy into the idea of them deciding to have a fling, rather than it being a case of insta-love, which almost never flies with me. 

The complications also made sense and I appreciated that they were born out of them trying to be TOO professional when they got back, rather than some silly, overly-emotional reason. 

All in all a very satisfying short story, and really nice for the holiday season without overplaying the Christmas theme. 

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