May 24, 2013

Work is Kicking my Butt

That's pretty much me!
Though the thing in my mouth might be a pizza slice...

Anyway, I went back to work last week - I teach but in a system where you cram a semester worth of stuff into four months. It's not fun - and it has been soooooooooo hard. LOL

I got new classes to teach, two of which I hadn't taught before, and then we have to make this overhaul of tests at the beginning of each term and... well, I've been operating on about two hours of sleep for the last week (I wrote 13 different tests for 3 different subjects this term and the hamster that lives inside of my head powering things is currently on strike)

And if I read the world Biodiversity again, I might scream... but I digress.

All of this is to say that I haven't died (yet) and I shall be back to blogging soon. I just need to read something first... I was reading The Beginning of Everything but I might have to start again since I can't remember where I left of.

Hope I can review something this weekend, in between class planning.

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