March 1, 2013

Speed Date: Too Stupid to Live by Anne Tenino

To try it out, I'm using Mary's format for Speed Dates because it's kind of awesome (I hope she's OK with it :P).

The Plot: Ian Cully is done with the job he never really wanted (firefighter), with living near the person who drives him crazy the most (his father, the Fire Chief) and with pretending he "sometimes dates women too". So he's moving away and starting fresh. 

He's also done with casual hookups that mean nothing to him but a good time... until he meets Sam.

Sam is not done dreaming about his one perfect love (or reading romance novels) but he is done getting into relationships that will get him hurt. Sure, he's too tall, a little too skinny and the kind of hunky men of his fantasies never really go for him... until Ian. 

First Date: This book is kind of awesome! Sam's inner dialogue is hilarious and I really like him. He's a fellow romance reader. Ian is a bit of a jerk sometimes but I totally see the appeal to Sam. 

Second Date: Okay, I don't care to know that much about anyone's sex life, or what they like to lick or do or whatvs. Seriously! Stop sleeping together and talk. 

Third Date: Well... that kind of came out of nowhere. But okay, I'll believe it. Ending is a bit rushed though. 

Relationship Status: Still Dating, future: unsure, but hopeful. - Here is the thing about Too Stupid to Live, there are parts of it that are hilariously fun and sweet, but there were other parts where I was, like," eh? uh? Okay....", it's not bad by any stretch of the imagination but it had potential to be so much better.

And I felt like sex took the place of emotional development and connection for Ian and Sam. I liked them, I believe them together, but sometimes it felt like Ian was with Sam because he was convinient, because he was there. And you should never feel like that about a romantic couple!

Still, like I said, fun book to read. A bit too graphic with the sex stuff for my taste, but won't hold it against it. 

What's a Book Speed Date, you ask? It's a quickie review--about 150 words or so--of any genre book (variety is the spice of life, after all).

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