March 3, 2013

At the Movies: Argo

What can I say? We like our movies in our house so we went to see Argo and I have to say that I really liked it! (even more than the Silver Linings Playbook, which I reviewed last week). 

The story revolves around the Hostage Crisis in Iran during 1980, focusing on the extraction of six people who worked at the US embassy in Tehran and who were kept in hiding by the Canadian Ambassador and his family for months. 

Of course, this is a fictionalized account but it works really well as a movie. The tension is kept through out, and it also has parts where it's quite funny. And I actually loved Ben Affleck in this movie, something that hasn't happened since probably Armageddon, I think he has matured a lot as an actor and as a director. And I found Affleck kind of hot in this movie, I'm not gonna lie. 

I can't help comparing Argo to Zero Dark Thirty - which was also a pretty decent movie that also dealt with a fictionalized account of historical events - and I have to say I liked Argo a lot more. 

ZDT was good, and let's call it 'realistic' and I applaud how matter of fact it was about everything that happend... but as a movie it felt flat a few times, there were chunks of time where nothing was happening, and I understand the why of this, but it is a long movie and by the end you really feel it. 

In contrast, Argo comes out on top in the entertainment value. It just is more enjoyable to watch and easier to get into. The mix of Hollywood shenanigans with a really high stake undercover operation was awesome and it works well and I totally believe it. 

In closing, I get why it won the Oscar; out of all the Oscar movies I saw - and I so almost all the movies nominated- it was the best in my opinion, so I'm giving it an A

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