March 25, 2013

PSA: Don't You Forget About Kat!!!

Hello guys!!

I'm currently on easter break which means I got more time to be checking the Internet and Twitter and what have you, so when I came across this post by Stephanie Burgis, author of my much beloved Kat, Incorrigible, I knew I had to share it.

There is a lot more info in that post but basically there is this dispute going on between B&N and Simon & Schuster  so B &N is cutting down their orders for S&S books to practically nothing, and a lot of authors are kind of getting lost in the shuffle, among them Stephanie and the third installment of Kat's adventures Stolen Magic which should start hitting shelves toward the end of the week.

So, if anyone is a fan of Kat, don't forget to buy it! and if you haven't tried this series already you are missing out because Kat is just an adorable and delightful young heroine.

Okay! and I'm out!

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