August 18, 2011

MiniReview: Balancing Act by Patricia Davids

Balancing ActsThe Deal: Cheryl Steele planned to just make a small detour for her sister's wedding and leave Kansas and her past behind for good, focusing on her ballet tour and the part of her life. 

But her sister makes her promise to visit their childhood home, and taking that turn of the road results on Cheryl getting into an accident and landing in the care of Sam Hardin. 

Cheryl has a bad history with the Hardins, and the people of their small town, most of whom turned their backs on her mother and her whole family due to her father's misdeeds. 

However, living with Sam and his little daughters changes her perspective of things, making her stop and wonder, for the first time ever, if she was so focused on her career that she forgot to live.

My Thoughts: Balancing Act wasn't exactly what I was expecting, from the blurb I expected something different and the story turned out to be a little less complicated than I originally thought it would be. 

The story was mostly about Cheryl accepting her past and finally letting go, and stopping long enough to realize that not all people in the world are bad. It was also a little about Sam learning to trust again after his ex-wife left him and their two daughters because she just didn't want to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. 
For me, the most delightful part of the story was the twins, Kayla and Lindy and their cat Bonkers, who were funny and acted like little girls. 

The romance was a bit watered down, I expected a little bit more of it, but it was, over all, an entertaining story, even if sometimes certain interactions and dialogue sounded a bit deliberate and scripted.

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