August 31, 2011

Books Read in August


Okay! Update time!

You can see my running list of books read so far in my Books of 2011 tab in the navigation bar above, so I'll just run a tally here.

I already finished the Aussie YA Reading Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge and the Contemporary Challenge and the YA Reading Challenge! Also, this month I finished the Historical Romance Reading Challenge!!!! 

Books read this month: 18
Books read so far: 138
Out Do Yourself Challenge (2011/2010 ratio by this month): 138 /66
Out Do Yourself Challenge so far: 138 /121
Historical Romance Challenge: 12/12

Historical Romance (challenge aside): 31
Contemporary Romance: 34
YA (Aussie and otherwise): 63

And that's my month in books! I'm so glad I've finished my challenges!!!! Also, I just started working so sorry if my posts are a bit out of schedule!!!

What say you?Alex

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