August 15, 2011

Book Review: Head in The Clouds by Karen Witemeyer

Head in the Clouds
Love the cover.
At First Sight: Adelaide Proctor quit her teaching job and went in search of the man that had been 'courting' her for the last few months. But when said man turned out to be a cad who failed to mention he was already married, Adelaide's dreams of a home and family of her own, crumbled. 

Not one to let herself fall into despair, Adelaide procures a new job and becomes the governess of a mute little girl named Isabella, daughter of a sheep rancher by the name of Gideon Westcott. 

Mr. Westcott is the third son of an English baron who came to Texas to try his luck at ranching, and is struggling to do her best by the little girl that was left in his care - Isabella is his ward, though he loves her as if she was her own daughter - and he's delighted that the best for his girl is Miss Proctor, who is funny and sweet and is slowly drawing Isabella out of the despair the little girl fell into after the death of both her parents.

Much as Adelaide tells herself she must stop her romantic daydreams that usually led her into trouble, and much as Gideon tells himself that she's just a governess, out in the isolated ranch, with just a handful of friends/employees, Gideon, Adelaide and Isabella soon become a family; even as a dark cloud threatens their new found happiness.

Second Glance: I first saw Head in The Clouds at In The Hammock and the first thing that stuck me was how whimsical the cover was, and in a way it sums up the tone and feel of the book pretty well. 

Adelaide is a nice protagonist, she's young but capable, yet prone to occasional daydreaming, and she only wears yellow because when she was little her father told her she reminded him of sunshine, she has a very open and loving personality that endear her to those around her without making her saccharine. Gideon was a nice, decent man who was just doing the best he could and who always tried to behave honorably. Both were a little too 'good' to be true, but they weren't annoying or anything.

Isabella and the rest of the people at the ranch are a little less developed but don't feel cartoonish, there is a villainous villain and all who provides a some tension to the story, but over all it was just a sweet, comforting read. 

This is Christian Fiction though, so though there is romance woven into the story, there is nothing hot and heavy about it.

Bottom Line: A comforting read for any given afternoon, Head in the Clouds is, in one word, sweet. I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something hot and sexy, but if you're int he mood for a cute story, this one is pretty good.

Favorite Quote: "Westcott Cottage did have a handsome prince as it turned out, and she’d just floured him like a drumstick headed for the frying pan."

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