August 22, 2011

Book Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Gorgeous Cover!!
Warning!! This review might contain some spoilers regarding previous books in the series.
At First Sight: When we last saw Evie, she was finally getting the 'normal' life she had always yearned for, away from IPCA. Only that it didn't turn out quite as she expected: Gym class sucks, her job at the diner is tiresome and, with Lend away at college, her whole life in general is a little boring and lonely.

So when Raquel - her former boss - shows up, offering Evie a chance to work for IPCA again, Evie is reluctant but eventually agrees and gets paired up with Jack, a teenage human boy who can use the faerie paths.

Soon, as it always is when Faeries are involved, Evie's life is spiraling out of control: she's lying to Lend, ditching her Vampire friend Arianna and realizing she can't blindly follow IPCA's orders anymore; plus she's still worrying about who she is and how long she has to live.

Second Glance: Supernaturally is the second book following the adventures of Evie whom we met in the super awesome Paranormalcy (one of my favorite reads of 2010), and I honestly couldn't wait to get my paws on it as soon as I finished book one. 

In this installment, Evie is just trying to find her 'normal' and her home, unsure of what either of those mean. And she fears a future when Lend might not love her anymore, and that's kind of ruining everything. Working for IPCA makes her feel important, but it has it's own set of complications. And then there is Jack, who is sometimes a friend and sometimes just a pest; but whom has his own sad past and his own agenda.

Supernaturally is very different from Paranormalcy, but it's till made of awesome. This time around the plot is a little looser, more episodic, and it focus on Evie's growth as a person, rather than in a 'big bad' - though there is a bit of that too. I still love Evie and Lend, they are adorable together and I LOVE how Lend is kind of the perfect guy - and yes, I have a very sad crush on him right now (LOL)

Plus, even though it's not outright mentioned, i have the feeling that there is something really bad brewing at the edges of Evie's world, and I can't wait to find out what it is... though that means I have to wait a whole year for the third -and final - Evie adventure: Endlessly

Bottom Line: Though Supernaturally is slower in terms of pace and plot, I have to say that I really liked it. The humor was still there, and Evie is still a lovely narrator. My only complaint is that there should have been MORE LEND!

Favorite Quote: "I'm too mad to talk right now, and I love you too much to say anything I'll regret." - Lend (Seriously! How can anyone not love this guy?)

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