February 2, 2011

Story of My Life # 5 - Of Girls and Goddesses

If you have been reading this blog lately, you'll probably know that I love Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams' series The Goddess Girls - the series is about famous goddesses Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite and Persephone as tweens attending the Mount Olympus Academy - and lately, I started to think of why I love them so much. 
Goddess Girls

I guess its because, for me, middle school was so incredibly traumatizing. I was in a school I hated, my so called 'friends' often made me the butt of their jokes, and I felt so alone most of the time. And, I think I love Persephone's book the most because I often felt like a phony trying to fit in with my friends.

ArtemisThankfully, both Persephone and I outgrew out of our phoniness, and where her friends proved to be true, mine not always did, but eventually I did make good friends, friends I still keep to to this day. (Actually, in some ways, my best friend reminds me of Artemis)

And I just love seeing friendship portrayed in the way it should be, specially among young girls: something that makes you stronger, and makes your feel accepted for who you are, and with fabulous people who are completely different to you but love you anyway. These girls also have conflicts and problems, but they solve them by talking to each other, by not letting misunderstanding stand and by loving each other.

I wish more books told that story, because mine eventually became something like that - sure, I was in Prep school by then but it was worth the wait to have friends like that.

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