February 9, 2011

List Maniac #16 - The Boys I Would Date


So, Valentine Day is Coming, and I decided to make a list of the boys my 16 year old self would have loved to date.

JellicoeJonah Griggs (Jellicoe Road) - I love Jonah - he's one of my Favorite Guys of Fiction - because, even with his conflicted past he's a great brother, a great friend and goes all out with his feelings toward Taylor, and though he has enough personality to take over, he manages to take care of her without doing so. Who wouldn't want a guy like that? Plus, he's in great physical shape due to all those drills in military school. ( I just remembered, there is this terrific scene in Jellicoe Road where he underhandedly puts in his place this guy who had been giving Taylor trouble, and Taylor is all "Don't help me" and he's all "I didn't do it for you", and then his second in command is all "Based on what I know about you and your history, yeah, you were doing it for her" *giggles)

Derek (Darkest Powers) - Okay, so yeah, he's moody as hell and not at all good with feelings, but he's so protective of those he considers his pack. And when he starts to (MILD SPOILER) build something with Chloe - and though it takes him a while to accept that that's what he wants - he really does try hard to control his temper and his mood swings. Plus, even though Chloe is tiny physically, she can still put him in his place, and he listens to her. She's probably the first person he lets in since his brother and Dad. He's so guarded in his feelings, which to me makes it even more special in case he ever let you in!

Rob Wilkins (1800- Where-R-U) - Rob is another guy who struggles with his feelings toward his girl. One because he's older than her - 18 to her 16 which could land him in trouble with his parole officer - and two because Jess is so much trouble!!! Half the time he's against her plans, but he always ends up going along to watch over her - she can protect herself just fine, but she does need someone to watch out for her, and Rob is the only one who mans up for the job. Again, he is someone who doesn't take over, and he really tries hard to become someone her parents could accept in their daughter's life. Plus he's a mechanic, so he knows how to use his hands *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Mean Girls
Aaron Samuels (Mean Girls) - One, I love the actor (though, funnily, when I first saw the movie I didn't think he was all that hot, now when I look back and see him through my inner 16 year old, I go "Oh, yeah, he's hot!"). And I really love his character in the movie: someone who cares about his friends, his mom and soccer. Such a normal guy. I love me some normal, I have to admit. Also love he tells Cady it's stupid that she makes herself dumb so he likes her - to me, that shows his character.

Wes Baker (The Truth About Forever) - Yeah, I struggled a lot to figure out who was my favorite Dessen-Boy, the one I would totally date out of all the others. But in the end Wes won because: he's talented, he's a great big brother, learned from his mistakes, and is so honest. When he first meets Macy he's in a relationship, and he never makes a move - even though you can tell he wants to - because of that, he waits until he's in the clear before going there. Again, a young man with character, what's not to love? Plus, he's the kind of guy who makes girls go Sa-woon, so I he's totally gorgeous and humble about it too!

So, those are the boys I would date. What about you?

Also, on V-Day I shall do a list of the Men I Would Marry


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