February 17, 2011

Mini-Review: Mail Order Husband by Lauri Robison

Mail Order
At First Sight: Penny Jordan is struggling to keep her beloved ranch above water, but she's having a very difficult time of it. Everyone keeps telling her she should marry, particularly a neighboring rancher Luke James, who has had his eye on her and her propriety for a while now.  Too bad Penny doesn't like him or trust him at all. And so, on a day when she simply can't deal anymore, Penny writes to her best friend Candice - who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband - to find her and send her a husband - for Candice often claimed to know just the man for Penny.

Said man is Candice brother-in-law Jace Owens, who is still reeling from the lost of his wife and baby the year before. He seems so lost to the word that Candice and her husband Daniel decide that sending him to Penny is the best thing they can do. So they concoct a crazy scheme that leaves Jace and Penny married. 

Being at the Copper Cow helps Jace, and he sees it immediately, he also sees that Penny needs his help and his protection, so he stays there for a while, convinced he will leave once he sees Penny settled...but that might prove to be too much for their newly mended hearts.

Second Glance: Mail-Order Husband is a sweet little story about loss and love and how to move on. Certain parts are a bit unrealistic to be sure, and I did feel it went of a bit in circles for a while, but it was very charming and cute. 

Penny and Jace make a wonderful couple and it's fun to see them try not to fall in love with each other yet finding themselves more than halfway there.

Bottom Line: A quick, funny read. Not very remarkable but not bad.


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