February 1, 2011

Book Review: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

At First Sight: Sophie Mercer had a very eventful first year at Hecate Hall, events that conspired to make her want to get rid of her powers for good. Too bad her dad doesn't sees it that way. So now she's spending the summer with her father in England, getting acquainted with the rest of The Council - which she's supposed to rule someday, provided she doesn't give up her powers - and just learning more about prodigium and demons.

Luckily, she gets to take her best friend -and Vampire - Jenna with her, and Cal, the grounds keeper/healer that works at Hex Hall. Once at Council HQ, Sophie tries to bond with her absentee father and to come to terms with what her powers mean. 

Sophie also learns that there are many secrets no one is telling her, especially as the centuries old war between the Council, the Eye and the Brannicks comes to head.

Second Glance: Demonglass is the second installment of the Hex Hall series and trust me those sentences above were very hard to write because I don't want to spoil anything!!! 

Demonglass was great: it was fast paced, it answer questions, it opened more questions and did all the awesome things "book 2" is supposed to do. I love Sophie and her friends. I really grew to love Cal - as in Cal be my Valentine!!! -  who was always very aloof during the first book. And I also loved seeing Archer back - again, nothing much I can say about that, but it was awesome!!

I really like Sophie herself, she's a great narrator and I love that she's so proactive once she decides to figure out things on her own. And you can see how she's growing into her own, which I always love to see. I'm really excited for Demonglass and for Book 3, I honestly can't wait.

Bottom Line: Demonglass is definitely the type of book that leaves you wanting MORE, so read at your own peril. In any case, I wouldn't miss this book.

Favorite Quote: (WARNING, MILD SPOILER) "Did you want to watch me sleep or something? Because if that's the case, this engagement is SO broken" - Won't say who said it, again, (MILD SPOILER)
starstarstarstar2/3Personal Favorite

Thanks to International Book Tours for sending me this book.

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