November 28, 2010

The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder

Lipstick LawsApril Bowers doesn't think sophomore year at Penford High is going to be any good. Particularly because her best -and only - friend is now living in Kansas. So when fate makes her pair up with Queen Bee Britney Taylor for gym class, April isn't sure if that's good or bad luck.

Soon, she's a 'friend in training', hanging out with Brit and her pose - all popular girls - and twisting herself seven ways to Sunday to fit in. And things only get worse when she's asked to sign The Lipstick Laws, a set of rules all Friends of Britney must live by. April might just find out how hard is to be in the in crowd.

From the summary I wasn't sure what I would find in this book, but it sounded interesting enough. What I found was a sort of Mean Girls type story. April and her friends (the one she eventually makes) were nice, April's narration was engaging but the book has it's ups and downs. Sometimes it went into cartoon territory, sometimes I didn't like April very much.

But there were parts that did ring true: the way April slides into Brit's clique, the way she goes a bit off the bender sometimes.

In the end, the story flows as one would expect. There are no big surprises plot-wise, but it's enjoyable, if you're in the mood for some Mean Girls action. It's not as charming as the movie, but not bad. Part of the book is even quite good.

The Lipstick Laws comes out April 2011


PS - Is it me or the cover is a bit... porn-happy?

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