November 29, 2010

Jane by April Lindner

JaneFollowing the death of her parents, nineteen year old Jane Moore is forced to drop out of college and find a job, preferably one that offers a place to stay since she'll be homeless once school lets out for the summer.

When she does find such work, she's surprised that it comes in the form of working for rock star Nico Rathburn as a nanny for his 5 year old daughter Maddy. Not one to care much for pop culture, Jane isn't quite sure how working for Nico will be like, but she's glad to have Thornfield Park (Nico's expansive Connecticut estate) to call home.

For weeks, she cares for Maddy and they form a bond, and Jane starts to believe she has gotten the hang of life at Tornfield Park, but nothing prepares her for Nico's arrival.

Nico is on the final stages of planning his big comeback - concert and tour - and the last thing he expects upon returning to his home, is almost running over the new nanny. Yet, he can't help being captivated by Jane and the fact that she's almost unimpressed by him.

Okay, Jane is a modern twist on Jane Eyre and it follows it quite closely, so you can pretty much guess what happens, yet I'm not going to give you details and spell it out. For a story I sort of knew, I still found myself trying to guess what would happen next, how would the author translate such and such event into a modern setting.

I'm not really comparing it to the original Jane Eyre because, well, I just don't roll that way. But I'll say that Jane is engaging, fun and approachable. Believable. My only trouble with it was that I sort of wished a bit more of it! I wanted to spend more time with these characters.

Favorite Quote: "You don't like my music. I'm a soccer dad. And I'm good-looking...for a rock star."
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