November 11, 2010

At the Movies: The Holiday

Holiday Amanda (a successful movie-trailer producer who just broke up with her boyfriend) and Iris (a London journalist who just found out the guy she has been sighing after has just gotten engaged to someone else), meet on the internet and decide to swap houses for 2 weeks around the Christmas holidays.

Once in England, Amanda meets Iris' brother Graham, who at first glance seems like a worry-free bachelor/womanizer about town but who turns out to be a lot more than that. And she starts to regain contact with some of her emotions (She hasn't cried in years).

Meanwhile, in L.A. Iris is enjoying Amanda's huge mansion and strikes friendships with both Miles, a movie-music composer friend of Amanda's ex; and an elderly screenwriter who, most of all, needs someone to listen to him.

Maybe is the season, but I've been seeing this movie a lot on TV and I really loved it, so I decided to write about it. Usually, I don't like watching Cameron Diaz's movies, or Jack Black's (find them both vaguely annoying) and there are only 3 movies with Jude Law that I've ever liked (this one, Sherlock Holmes and Enemy at the Gates), but I liked them all three in The Holiday. And I loved Kate Winslet (I actually think she looked prettier than Cameron Diaz in this movie)

The Holiday is a fairly simple story, and it neatly falls into the chick-flick category, but it's good at it. And it's funny and entertaining, it gets your mind off things for a couple of hours. I loved Iris' character, she felt quite real to me, and the other people were quite nice (though I still think Jack Black's face is slightly odd and funny looking and he honestly reminds me of Kung Fu Panda all the time!).

A nice little movie, perfect to watch on a cold night, cozy at home eating popcorn.

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