November 18, 2010

At the Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry HermioneThe magical world is under attack, and nowhere is safe for Harry Potter and his friends, which forces them to run from everything familiar. There is no Hogwarts for them this time, and while they are away from everything that used to be safe, they have to find the horocruxes to destroy Voldemort.

With no one but each other to turn for help, Harry, Ron and Hermione have to push themselves to their limits: of their skills, of their friendship and of their patience.

Obviously, I'm not going to say more about the movie - or even tell you where it splits - I respect y'all too much for that, but last night I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1.
And it was a great experience. This is definitely the type of movie that you have to see in the theater, because there is just such a heightened level of awesome that comes from seeing it with a lot of people who are loving the whole experience.

The movie itself was quite amazing, scary and dark, but it was also surprisingly funny at times. And I think it cut it pretty close to the books - though I'm sad two of my favorite scenes of the books weren't in the movie (nothing crucial, just sentimental value).

I'm not sure if it's completely understandable for the people who haven't read the books, and that's a doubt I've been carrying since movie 5. But for me, as a fan, it was lovely. And I was really amazed at the level of scary, I can't say that enough. There was one scene that had us all jumping in our seats. Plus, the the technical level of it has come so far since the first movies.
Don't miss it!Personal Favorite
PS - I admit to nearly crying a bunch of times, one of them fairly early on, but I am a sap.

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