April 30, 2010

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Savor the momentRunning Icing at Vows, Laurel McBane is happy -working and living with her best friends Mac, Emma and Parker - and successful. A gifted pastry chef, Laurel gets to create wonderful wedding cakes for all sorts of brides and helps dreams come true.

Now that Mac and Emma are engaged, Laurel can't help but to think of the man she loves - the one she has loved all her life, and whom she is sure doesn't feel the same for her: Delaney Brown. Otherwise known as Parker's older brother, Del has been a main part of Laurel's life almost as long as Parker herself.

Laurel knows Del loves her... as a sister, he thinks of The Quartet as his girls, which truly infuriates Laurel from time to time. One of those times leading to a passionate kiss that changes the group's dynamics forever.

Certainly, Del isn't thinking of Laurel as another sister anymore but just as some crushes last more than others, some insecurities run deeper than others and they often get in the way.

This is the third story of the Bride Quartet, and it's a lovely addition to the series.

The story itself would fall into the "Slice of Life" catergory if we were talking anime, here nothing big happens -other than weddings - and no sudden, awful tragedy strikes, it's just a story of people dealing with their daily lives as friendship turns into romance. It takes skill to write a book like this and make it interesting, but it was interesting and funny and sweet.

Not all love stories have to be fraught with tragedy and difficulties, that doesn't make them less real or less exciting and Savor the Moment shows that.

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