April 11, 2010

At the Movies: Clueless

CluelessWelcome to Beverly Hills and the life of Cher Horowitz, daughter of a rich lawyer, who lives surrounded by beautiful clothes, good friends and handsome boys.

As one of the most popular girls of her school, Cher is always busy trying to fix everything to suit her, which often brings her to play cupid for the people around her such as two of her teachers, which conveniently helps her improve her grades.

When a new girl, Ty, is transferred to Cher's school, Cher and her best friend Dionne immediately take her under their wing, giving her a hot make over and trying to help her hook up with one of the guys from their group of friends.

And that's when things start to get a little complicated for Cher as things don't go her way and she finds herself being rescued by her ex-step brother Josh - who is possibly the only person to ever tell her she's a bit superficial - much to their mutual annoyance.

But! Never forget, between love and hate there is but one small step.

Okay, so Clueless has been out for quite a while now and I have to say that, even though the movie's pop references date it a little, I still love it. Every time I see it I'm reminded of how bright and flashy the 90's were. I was about twelve years old when the movie first came out - I wasn't actually allowed to see it until it premiered on TV, because it was considered not apt for Tweens - and I remember what a craze it was.

Here in my country we usually got kid-movies or adult movies, and there was a huge limbo in between, Clueless was one of the first movies that main-streamed teen movies for us and it was just so much fun.

As lots of people well know, this is Austen's Emma re-told and re-vamped, and I consider it a must - a rite of passage for any teenage girl.

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