April 29, 2010

In for a Penny by Rose Lerner

In for a PenyPenelope Brown is a rich heiress who meets Lord Nevinstoke by chance at a ball. During that brief encounter Penny finds out that Nev is a nice enough fellow and that he likes music as much as she does but Penny doesn't think much else of the encounter since she's well aware of the opinion the aristocracy has of her and her family - people who became rich in the trade (Penny's father owns a brewery) - and promptly puts the whole thing off her mind.

It would have died there if not for the fact that a few days later Lord Nev's father got himself killed in a duel, and left Nev broke, with the family's estate falling on his ears and in deep need for money.

Money that Penelope has in abundance.

So begins In for a Penny, a story where a chance encounter turns into so much. I hadn't read a "marriage of convenience" plot in a while and this book was a nice return to said plot.

I found Penny and Nev quite likable if a bit too dramatic at times, there were parts where the story felt a bit long and drag-y, but there are other parts that were quite delightful. I just thought there was a bit too much secondary plot. But, over all, it was a nice read.

starstarstar 1/2

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