April 17, 2010

As Seen On TV: The 100th's Let Down

I have to say that during the last month I annoyed lots of people by constantly squealing about upcoming milestone episodes of two of my favorite series: Bones and Supernatural.

bonesRight, I know the series in question couldn't be more different but I love them both and they both recently reached their 100th episodes... and they both left me wanting for... more.

Let's start with BONES, in the weeks prior to the 100th episode, there had been lots of talk about how this episode was going to be super awesome, how it was going to rock the socks off of the Booth/Bones shippers everywhere, etc. The episode tells the story of how Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan first met and as far as that goes it's okay, and it's kind of funny but, was this one of the best episodes of the season? Not in particular.

(For me the episode with Stephen Fry a couple of months ago was better).

supernaturalThen, SUPERNATURAL. Season 4 was amazing, and so far Season 5 is taking everything to the next level. I honestly think that Season 5 has at least two of the best episodes of the series (Changing Channels, The Song Remains the Same), but the 1ooth, while quite cool, was not the best of the season so far (and I expected it to be!).

Frankly, next week's episode "Hammer of the Gods" sounds better.

I guess that it all comes down to expectations. I expected more from these episodes because I generally hold these two series in a very high regard. I wanted GREAT and I only got Good Enough.

So, what about you? Any super hyped episode/show that has let you down?

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