December 4, 2009

No Regrets by Michele Ann Young

No RegretsCaroline Torrington is an impoverished vicar's daughter with sisters to look after, so it would make sense that, when her childhood friend Lucas, Lord Foxhaven, asked her to marry him she would accept, but she didn't.

Caroline feels fat and dowdy, wears glasses and doesn't want to marry Foxheaven just because his father made it a condition for Lucas to get his inheritance, and she still can remember how relieved he was when she refused him the first time he proposed.

But, since then, a year has passed and Foxheaven is now decided he's going to marry her. Since her sisters are sort of suffering now that their father is dead and there is no money, Caroline reluctantly agrees to the marriage with the condition that there will be No Regrets between them.

Well, a couple of months ago when I read The Lady Flees Her Lord by the same author, I liked it quite a bit so I was hopeful I would like No Regrets, but sadly it wasn't the case, this book for me was a bit of a yawn, it went around in circles and at times I found it silly., there are misunderstandings and even a kidnapping that seem pointless sometimes. I also grew annoyed at how many times it was mentioned Caroline was a 'large' woman.


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