November 28, 2009

100+ Reading Challenge

Book challenge
J.Kaye is hosting the 100+ reading challenge this year again, and I've decided to join (you can check the rules and all that at J.Kaye's book blog.

I'll be adding a couple more rules of my own:

  1. I'll be reading between 8 or 9 books every month.
  2. I'll only allow myself one re-read per month.
  3. I'll do a 'books of the month' post on the first of ever month (starting on January 1st) and do a tally on the last day of the month (ending on the 31st (my birthday!)) with how many I've accomplished during the month.

January - List
February - List
March - List
April - List
May - List
June - List
July - List
August - List
September - List
October - List
November - List (Challenges Done!)

(Will be updated on the last day of the month!)

How is everyone going? let me know int he comments!



  1. Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge. I am so glad you decided to take the plunge. It’s going to be a fun year. I can just feel it.

  2. I'm probably not going to be able to reach 100 this year so I hope I do better in 2010!

  3. J.Kaye - Thanks! I'm very excited.

    Ladytink - I don't think I'll reach 100 this year either, though I haven't counted. This month hasn't been a good one for reading and me :(

  4. can you read any book? or is there a specific list? maybe I'll do this is the new year

  5. Amalia - Yeah, I think it cam be any book.


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