December 31, 2009

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Girl"Alice" has been with Ray for a long time now, living in a constant nightmare of abuse, hunger and uncertainty. It was not always like that, once she had another name and belonged to a family, but ever since a trip to the Aquarium when she was nine, she has been Ray's "Alice", a living dead girl.

But now she's older, fifteen, and her body is changing, she hopes Ray will kill her soon, now that she's no longer a little girl. But Ray is twisted, and things have never been that easy.

This is so not my kind of book, seriously, I try to avoid books like this because they depress the hell out of me and I find them quite disturbing. Alice's account of her days with Ray - and her little flashbacks to how it all began - are cold and almost clinical, you can sense how she's just numb now, how she hates him but is, at the same time, resigned to her life.

The weird part of it though, was that even though I knew she was the victim, I could never quite like her - sounds awful I know, but I didn't like her and it was very disturbing, maybe even a little frightening.

Definitely not a book for the younger set, and I don't think I'll ever re-read it, but it's quite a chilling story. I don't really know how to grade it, because I honestly didn't like it but not because it's bad book but because is just the kind of thing I avoid.

Grouping it with the fours, I guess, because technically it was very well written.



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