December 19, 2009

Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley

HomecomingWARNING: Possible spoilers of Ghostgirl

When we last saw Charlotte Usher, she had made new friends (Pam and Prue in the Dead Ed and Scarlet in Hawthorne High) and had managed to graduate from Dead Ed and move on.

Only that the After Life didn't turn out to be quite what Charlotte expected. For one, she has to work at a hot-line for troubled teens, only that she never gets a call from anyone; and her friends from Dead Ed suddenly are too busy for her - what with their being reunited with their love ones while Charlotte has nobody - and living in small apartment with her new friend Maddy.

Back at Hawthorne things aren't so peachy either. Damen and Scarlet are still together but distance is feeding up Scarlet's insecurities. And Petula - Scarlet's sister and Damen's ex - isn't helping. But, when Petula has a tragic pedicure and her life is thrown in the line Scarlet's crazy attempt to get her sister back will take her back to Charlotte and to a new story to be told.

I have to say I liked Homecoming more than what I liked Ghostgirl, I felt the pace was more even, and the story even stronger. I liked re-visiting the characters a lot, and the part of me that will always be 17 found a lot common ground with Charlotte this time.

As with Ghostgirl, Homecoming isn't really about ghosts but about life and death and love and the many shapes all of those can take. I was surprised at the growth some of the characters experienced, specially Petula who starts as a character so shallow that she's almost comic relief, but who actually grew on my during this book while remaining true to herself.

The book is self conclusive but I'm glad I just found out there will be a third Ghostgirl book called Ghostgirl: Lovesick, coming out July 2010. I'm actually quite looking forward to meeting Charlotte and her gang again.


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