June 22, 2009

Ultra Maniac by Wataru Yoshizumi

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Ultra Maniac by Wataru Yoshizumi - famous for her manga Marmalade Boy - tells the story of Ayu Tateshi and Nina Sakura two seventh graders. Ayu is a girl who doesn't really believe in magic and fantasy (one of her first lines is that she won't even read Harry Potter) until her life becomes entangled with Nina's, who happens to be a bumbling witch.

See, Nina was doing so bad at the Magic Kingdom school, that she decided to study aboard, in modern day Japan. Soon after Nina arrives at Ayu's school, she loses something very important: her magical mini computer, which Ayu finds by chance and returns it. Because of Ayu's kindness, Nina decides to tell her about being a witch, and from then on decides to use her magic to help Ayu - which usually lands them in trouble, especially in front of Kaji and Hiroki, two of the boys in their grade. Ayu is in love with Kaji but is too shy to tell him, so she acts all cool and composed around him - and attitude that has made her one of the most popular girls of her grade. As for Hiroki, now he does love fantasy... and he might even fall for Nina as well.

There is lots of fun and in this story - with a few dramatic moments too - which is filled with magic, friendship and romance. One note-worthy thing about the story is that Ms Yoshizumi does make both girls the protagonists of the story in equal measure, is their friendship what holds the story together and they both share the spotlight.

Also, no one draws cuter outfits!

Ultra Maniac is one of my favorite mangas ever - anime too, even though is a different storyline, the essence of the characters remains true, so that's worth watching too - and I love it for the ode to friendship that it is.

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Ultra Manic is told in 5 Volumes, btw.


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  1. I've never been much into manga, but this does interest me.


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