June 19, 2009

Bloggiesta. It's like a Fiesta... in your blog.

Okay, so I've been totally dead to the blog world for about two weeks now, mostly because I finally got my degree (YAY ME! I'm officially a biologist! Though I don't feel any different) and there is a lot of paperwork involved.


But, Natasha at Maw Books Blog is hosting a Bloggiesta (check her site for more info) and I've decided to join. What can I say? My friend Vi (a.k.a. the bird of Evil) says I work better under pressure.

Besides, I'm Mexican, I can't pass on the word FIESTA! it's genetic.

In a nutshell, Bloggiesta is a blog improvement challenge, so you can finally do all those things you mean do to your blog but never get around to do, from cleaning sidebars and adding widgets to just plain writing reviews or whatever.

Bloggiesta will run from June 19-21.

What else, what else... oh, well, I'm going to post my official TO DO LIST tomorrow morning (in about seven hours). It will be looooong *insert hysterical giggle here*

Anyway, come join us and lets have a fiesta...in our blogs!

(PS- Isn't my siggy Cute?)


  1. Hmmm, a biologist? Someone should kick me in the butt for not knowing the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway: What's a biologist?
    I feel like I should know this already...Maybe I used to know what it was, but then just forgot. It's been known to happen with me. ;-)

  2. Hi Brianne.

    Biologist means I studied and got my degree in Biology, personally I focused on water biology.


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