June 26, 2009

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson

True Love And Other Disasters
At 30, Faith Duffy is both a widower and the owner of the Seattle Chinooks, her late husband's beloved hockey team; and she's not exactly sure what to do about either of those things. For the past five years she molded herself into being the perfect wife for her much older husband - whom she loved dearly as a friend, as he was the first man to offer her security - and without him she doesn't know who to be, she can't be a trophy wife anymore but she also can't and won't go back to being what she was before.

Faith has had it rough in her life, the daughter of a stripper she became one herself at the age of 18, to later become a playboy playmate and finally to marry a rich old guy; she knows most people think she's a gold digger but then those people didn't have her life and she doesn't regret what she has done survive.

Once Faith becomes more involved with the team she meets the Chinooks captain, Ty Savage. Ty is everything Faith's husband was not: young, vital and sexy; and at first Faith isn't sure she likes him though she does find him attractive as hell. And Ty, a driven man who has one goal in mind: to win the Stanley Cup. Well, he isn't indifferent to Faith either, much as he would like to be.

True Love and Other disasters is my least favorite out of Rachel Gibson's hockey books (Simply Irresistible and See Jane Score being the other two), but is by no means a bad book. I loved Faith right from the start, she doesn't have a deep, secret regret about her past life, she did what she had to do to survive and she cuts the crap pretty early on when she says:
Women who claimed they’d rather starve than strip had probably never had to make that choice
Faith, more than a former playmate or stripper, is just a woman trying to find herself and her own way and do the best she can and I really liked that about her.

Ty is a nice enough hero, but for me he lacked a little... I don't know, if page time or charm or what but he didn't quite measured up to John Kowalsky or Luc Martineu from Simply Irresistible and See Jane Score respectively.


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