June 20, 2009

Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita

Kaitlin Burke has fame and fortune as one of Hollywood's rising starlets, she has been in the business since she snagged the role of Sam in the prime time soap Family Affairs at the age of four. And, sure, being TVs favorite Teen has it's perks like living in a mammoth of a McMansion, having tons of designer clothes and being fabulous; but the truth is that she's has an insane work schedule, no personal life and she has never gotten along with her on-screen fraternal twin Sky (who might be starting rumors about Kaitlin in the tabloids), and she's tired.

In an effort to gain some sanity, Kaitlin hatches a quite insane plan: to go to Clark Hall (the high school her best friend Liz attends) in disguise and under the assumed name of Rachel and experience what it's like to be a Normal Teen. No one in Kaitlin's entourage - which includes her Mom, Dad and little brother Matt; her personal assistant Nadine, her driver Rodney and her publicist Laney - understands Kaitlin's fascination with normal people but in the end Kaitlin prevails and is allowed to enroll at school with mixed results.

As Kaitlin learns that there are mean girls everywhere, that school work is harder than she thought it would be and that friends and cute guys can be found even if you're not a TV super star; she also comes to realize how much she really does like acting, and that at times she took for granted the perks of being famous.

As usual I'm trying to restrain with the spoilers, but I can say that I was surprised at this book, Kaitlin is genuinely likable, and you truly get the feeling that she's grateful for everything she has even if she's tired and wants a break. I also loved the fact that she was a big Star Wars fan - which I am too - and that she did act like a teen.

Also, I think the book was actually quite tasteful when it came to Hollywood dealings, it told the story without being judgmental and it didn't go to any extreme, it didn't say everything in Hollywood is fabulous and perfect; and it also didn't say Hollywood is evil (EVIL I TELL YOU!) and that was a nice and welcome surprise.




  1. Hmmm, it sounds like an interesting book, though not something I would go out of my way to read.
    Great review though. Very well thought out. =)

  2. My sister loves this series. I need to try them out at some point.


    Oh, and don't forget the YA Book Carnival starting tomorrow: give something away, enter contests, find new blogs, HAVE FUN. It'll be on my blog so stop by (or follow so you don't miss anything)

  3. Great review! This sounds really charming!

  4. Brianne - Thanks :)

    Shooting Stars Mag/Lauren - I just started the series but it seems good to me. I'll stop by the YA Book Carnival as soon as I can, sounds awesome.

    Liyana - It was really charming :) Thanks


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