March 25, 2014

This is me, though maybe (for once) not as cute!

Can't compete with a Corgi for Cute
Yeah, it's been kind of crazy busy in my neck of the woods - what else is new? - but! I got vacation time coming up soon so I should be able to read and review some more and finally comment on all the lovely blogs I sort of stalk these days.

I do plan to write up a few reviews on friday and tomorrow - or maybe the day after - I'm doing my March ListManiac on Favorite Parents of YA. And maybe a little bit of a rant on why New Adult just doesn't work for me as a genre.

Well, at least I hope. I have been very unmotivated to write as of late... I'm kind of going through a Meh! phase right now.

Also, the poll for next topic is already up on the lefthand side bar: Books that Live up to the hype and books that don't live up to the hype. :P

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