March 6, 2014

Book Review: The Party Girl by Tamara Morgan

The Deal: Kendra Khuso is happy being the life of the party, trying to build her business and ignoring her parents as they tell her is high time she married and settled down with a traditional, parent-approved groom. 

She is proud of her plastic surgery, likes to feel attractive and enjoys hooking up with different guys, until the day one of her exes, Lincoln, knocks on her door all bloodied up and asks her to drive him out to town to a friend's house. 

Said friend turns out to be Noah, a solitary man who is trying to live a simpler life: living off the land in a sustainable plot outside of town, and just keeping things chill. He does come to Lincoln's help though, and impresses Kendra enough that she decides she'd like to stick around him.

There is a little problem though, mucha s Noah likes Kendra, he can't really act on it, as he knows his best friend is already in love with her. 

My Thoughts: I liked The Party Girl, I thought it was a cool story, with a conflict that made sense - even if could be summarized as Bros before 'Hos (no disrespect to either camp) - and two very likable people.

Kendra was a Party Girl and maybe I wouldn't be her friend in real life but she was likable, and fun, and relatable even if I didn't agree with all her life choices. I did like Noah a lot, though. He was a really good friend and I could see why Kendra liked him, which is always a plus. 

All in all, a good read. 


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