January 1, 2014

End of the Year Survey


So, after I saw this @Addicted to Romance, I decided to join in the fun as I have been meaning to put up my list of favorite books I read this year but I didn't get around to it before and this sounded fun. This list covers books that I read for the first time in 2013, regardless of when they were first published.

And here it goes:

1. Best Book You Read in 2013?
Middle Grade: Pandora the Curious by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams
YA: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Contemporary Romance: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Best Over All: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. 

2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going to Love More But Didn't?
Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle - don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it tons and it was super fun and I love Frederick, Duncan and Snow (and even Briar Rose) but Liam was a douche through out most of it and it killed my buzz a little. 

3.  Most Surprising (in a Good Way) book of 2013?
Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty - I loved this book so, so much. The writing was beautiful and it twisted and tore at my heart.

4. Best Book you read in 2013 and that you recommended to people the most in 2013
Probably it was Rainbow Rowell's books, each time I read a new one I would rave about it and recommend it. Also, Paper Chains and If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

5. Best Series You Discovered in 2013
MG: Confectionately Yours by Lisa Papademetriou 
Romance: Anchor Island by Terri Osburn
YA: I don't think I started any YA series this year, actually. 

6. Favorite New Author You Discovered in 2013
Rainbow Rowell, hands down. 

7. Best Book that was out of your Comfort Zone or was a new genre for you?
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch - I go out of my way to avoid books that I know will have a very dark subject matter, I couldn't avoid this. Read it all in one night, and it broke my heart. 
Special Mention to Superman: Birthright, because I so don't like comics, but this one was pretty good

8. Most Thrilling Un-putable-down book in 2013?

9. Book You read in 2013 that you're most likely to re-read Next Year.

10. Favorite Cover of a book you read in 2013?

11. Most Memorable Character of 2013
Everyone but Liam from Hero's Guide to Storming The Castle and George from My Life Next Door

12. Most Beautifully Written book you read in 2013.
Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty and Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

13. Book that had the Greatest Impact on you in 2013
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

14. Book You Can't Believe You waited until 2013 to finally read.
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg

15. Favorite Passage or Quote of a Book You Read in 2013
"When facing unbeatable odds, just think of yourself as unbeatable odd." - Duncan (Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle)

16. Shortest & Longest Book You Read in 2013
Shortest: My Everything by Heidi McLaughlin
Longest: Quintana of Charyn 

17. Book that Had a Scene in it that had You reeling and dying to talk to someone about it?

18. Favorite Relationship from a Book You Read in 2013:
Friendship: Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg
Romantic: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

19. Favorite Book You Read in 2013 from an Author You had Read Before?
Take a Vow by Elizabeth Eulberg and Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

20. Best Book You read in 2013 basely solely on the recommendation of someone else

21. Genre You read the most in 2013?
Contemporary Romance, apparently. 

22. Newest Fictional Crush from a Book You Read in 2013
Sebastian Malheur from the Countess Conspiracy, and Jase from My Life Next Door 

23. Best 2013 debut you read in 2013?
The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider and Riding on Air by Melissa Gilbert

24. Most vivid World/Imagery of a book you read in 2013?
Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

25. Book that was the most fun to read in 2013. 

26. Book that Made You Cry or Nearly Cry in 2013?

27. Book You Read in 2013 that you think got Overlooked in 2013 (Or when it came out)
Two of a Kind by Yona Zelda McDonough

Looking Ahead

1. One Book You Didn’t Get To In 2013 But Will Be Your Number 1 Priority in 2014? 
My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kuger, I've had it on my TBR pile for ages, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

2. Book You Are Most Anticipating For 2014 (non-debut)? 
Brown Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas.

3. 2014 Debut You Are Most Anticipating?
I don't really follow debuts that closely, more like I find out about them as they are published. 

4. Series Ending You Are Most Anticipating in 2014? 
Stephanie Perkins's Anna-Lola-Isla. I've been waiting for so long for Isla and the Happily Ever After that it's probably  not going to meet my expectations, but I just want it to be over already.

5. One Thing You Hope To Accomplish Or Do In Your Reading/Blogging In 2014? I
I hope to read more fun stuff, to plain just read more. As for blogging, I hope I get into some sort of schedule that allows me to post regularly.

Well, that's me!!
Happy New Year everyone!! May this one be full of awesome.

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