October 10, 2013

Yes... I'm sick again

Once more the un-holly trinity of Flu, Throat infection and Cough has me on its clutches. I went to work for the last three days but luckily I get Thursdays and Friday's off and I got to stay home and rest a bit. Also my Dad stayed home with me all day and we ate left overs for breakfast (fries!), unpacked and put together my new bookcase from Pier 1, and then we ordered pizza and watched Grease, which apparently is just what I needed since I'm starting to feel better, finally.

Still, can't breathe right and my whole body aches because of the constant coughing, but I'm done grading papers and tests and I don't have to yell at my students teach class until monday! YAY!!

Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the blog a bit and review a couple of books I finished last week, and Emma Approved, which I'm approving off... so far! And well, just hang out with you guys more!! I miss being able to blog more often :(

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