June 5, 2013

Speed Date: Forget Me Not by Nina Blake

The Plot: After nearly 10 years together, Stefan and Claire were over, they had even been separated for 6 months already... when Stefan woke up on a park bench not knowing his name, what city he was in or who he was.

Claire swears she has moved on, and it's not like she owes Stefan anything - he left her, not the other way around - but she can't turn her back on him when she learns what has happened to him, so she takes him in and tries to help him get re-adjusted to life.

And she's surprised to find that this new, amnesic Stefan resembles the guy she fell in love with years before a lot more than he resembles the starched up one that left her; as they try to make their way around his memory loss and the painful memories she just can't forget. 

First Date: Oh, I love me some amnesia plot!! I know these are totes unrealistic but I LOVE a good Amnesia book. A bit sparse on the details of what happened but otherwise taking off to a good speed. 

Second Date: Some mysteries are hinted at, I think I'm pretty sure that I know what it is but this is entertaining me so much. I like seeing the two sides of Stefan. His parents suck though. I do love Claire's family, but it's kind of weird she doesn't seem to have any friends. 

Third Date: *happy sigh* Oh, that was sweet. I liked the ending, though it was still a bit sparse on the details. 

Relationship Status: Just Friends, but that's a good thing.
I'm not exactly sur if Forget Me Not is the kind of book that rocks your world, but it totally made me relax. I liked Claire and Stefan well enough, and I loved the whole amnesia thing and how they had to work around their issues. That was fun.

It took me about 2 or 3 hours to read the whole book, and by the end I was feeling happy and relaxed. That's the kind of book this is.


What's a Book Speed Date, you ask? It's a quickie review--about 150 words or so--of any genre book (variety is the spice of life, after all).

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